iTunes Issues In Windows 10

Are you facing malfunction -69, on your iPod? You have no backup of your data and your data is at the brink of reduction. You require iPod recovery software to recoup your songs in such a case.Itunes issues can be solved after downloading it from

iTunes Crashes

IPod is an superb discovery of Apple that has revolutionized the way music fans go for songs. This slender and compact apparatus has large memory capacity to store large variety of audio and movie documents basically the audio files. Having a head phone attached to it, the gadget allows privacy in listening of the audio. Today you can carry the unit to any place an any moment on your pocket. itunes freezes when opening preferences , ITunes has an issue with windows 10 specifically. But when you attempt to sync documents to any iPod from iTunes on a Windows based computer, many times you experience -69 error message that reads:

“Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)”

Think about a practical situation wherein, you had any music on your iPod. You have iTunes on your Windows based system and you have synchronized the iPod along with your iTunes. After synchronization, you have cut, pasted the audio from your iTunes for your iPod. However, while attempting to transfer the audio, you discover the error message described above. Nowadays you don’t have the audio file either at the iTunes nor at the iPhone.


This error happens when iTunes attempts to send documents to your iPod, however a document becomes unusable as a result of corruption within it.


To solve the issue discussed above, do the following steps after updating the latest version of iTune:

1. Right-click in your iPod icon in the iTunes Source panel, and select Sync Songs in the shortcut menu
2. The name of the problematic file appears on the display at the peak of the iTune windows while iPod is being updated. Remove the document in the list of audio to be flashed into your iPod
3. Choose the iPod in the iTunes Source pane
4. Click the Summary tab.
5. Pick the”Sync only checked songs and videos” checkbox
6. Pick the required item under Library from the sidebar and locate the corrupt file from the list
7. Deselect the checkbox next to the document name

But when the above procedure fails to address your issue, you will need iPod recovery software so as to recoup the document lost in the procedure discussed above.

IPod Retrieval software is a’Do-It-Yourself’ utility that allows the consumers an easy, 3-Step retrieval procedure. It supports the audio files that include MOV, VVI, WAV, MIDI, OGG, AIFF, MP4, RPS, ASF, WMA, WMV, AU, MP3.